Tech & Tape

Tech and Tape is an initiative that makes it easy for educators to teach STEM (science, tech, engineering and math) by providing clear curriculum, personalized training, and a sense of community. We were tasked with creating an identity and designing the curriculum pieces for this super fun community.

Tech & Tape
Identity / Logo
Tech & Tape

Tech and Tape projects use basic materials and lessons to teach complex ideas.

Tech & Tape

Each lesson features photography that demontrates the steps of the project in a fun and engaging way.

Tech & Tape

The guides are extremely easy to follow—even we could do it!

Tech & Tape

Print Design

We designed 8 custom lesson plans in all, covering a wide variety of projects.

Tech & Tape
Tech & Tape

 The photography, logo and bright, colorful typography is offset by a youthful, modern illustration style. The icons and illustrations are peppered throughout the curriculum to make the projects feel approachable and exciting.

Tech & Tape
Tech & Tape
Website design
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