Lil Bruisers

Lil' Bruiser's features limited edition cookie boxes that contain everything necessary to build your own delicious Linzer Tarts. We loved creating the identity, illustration system and e-commerce website for this sweet brand, and were especially excited about the creative challenge of creating custom packaging for the kits.

Lil Bruisers
Identity / Logo
Lil Bruisers
Lil Bruisers


When putting together Lil' Bruiser's packaging suite, no detail was too small. Each sticker, hang tag, insert, and box flap was hand-illustrated.

We designed and created a custom die for the boxes themselves, which feature compartments for each element of the kit—the Linzer cookies, a tiny jam jar, powdered sugar shaker, and an instructional insert with a special spot for a wooden jam spreader.

Lil Bruisers
Packaging Design
Lil Bruisers
Lil Bruisers
Lil Bruisers
Sticker Suite
Lil Bruisers
Website design & build
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