Project Manager

Ludlow Kingsley is looking for a Project Manager! You will be responsible for establishing a harmonious relationship between our clients and the studio. Your goal as Project Manager is to ensure that each client in your purview has the best possible experience working with our team. It is your role to bridge the gap between our clients' visions and our team's capabilities. Project Managers are also responsible, to a lesser extent, with proposal development, brief creation, and meeting scheduling.

Duties & Responsibilities

Client Relationships & Management 

  • Ensure the team and the client are confident with the scope of work, budget, and project timeline prior to and throughout the entire project
  • Manage design, strategy, and web projects efficiently by establishing consistent and high-level communication with the client that includes reviewing processes, timelines and costs related to their project
  • Understand and analyze client wishes and business objectives and translate these into strategic and actionable items for our team   
  • Effectively communicate project requirements to creative team 
  • Lead out team in providing the utmost level of client service
  • Attend all major client meetings including project kick-offs and all round one presentations
  • Gather ongoing client feedback and make suggestions to improve or adjust internal processes based on this feedback 
  • Address client delays and out-of-scope requests
  • Manage conflict, incite discussion, and help make decisions in relation to managing clients and team
  • Foster deeper relationships with clients to grow future business opportunities

Project Timelines & Meetings

  • Work with Project Management team to establish and review project timelines and schedule key client meetings
  • Ensure all work has been completed, printed and prepared for client meetings
  • Attend client meetings with an agenda to keep team on point and on schedule
  • Keep meeting notes & distribute with a list of follow up/to-do's within 24 hours
  • Must be the enforcer of deadlines on both ends of the project and work to best resolve any missed deadline

New Business 

  • Schedule and participate in new business meetings 
  • Assist in creating, reviewing, and delivering proposals and preliminary project timelines to prospective clients 
  • Aid in developing and improving proposals, retainer agreements, contracts, and change orders based on client feedback and operations strategy 


  • Provide accounting firm with a fully-executed proposal/contract as well as with instruction on payment terms and project details for invoicing 
  • Ensure that all upfront/retainer fees are paid prior to start of project
  • Work with bookkeeper to invoice clients once a project is finished


Skills & Qualifications

  • 1-3+ years of relevant experience, preferably within a creative agency 
  • The ability to plan, strategize, and problem-solve
  • Clear understanding of service businesses and client management 
  • Great listener, communicator, and collaborator with expert interpersonal skills
  • Ability to lead meetings and communicate with clients in a confident and professional manner
  • Basic understanding of brand strategy, graphic design, and web development
  • Interest and/or experience in health & wellness, beauty, and lifestyle businesses
  • Experience in working with Project Management software and Google Drive

How To Apply

Please send us a message using the contact form below. The more you can share with us the better.


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