July 29, 2022
First Thing Fridays, Vol. 12 w/ Michael from Intro

We are back with our 12th installment of First Thing Friday! We just finished building out our entryway and painting a new mural outside, so we felt like a morning get-together was in order. We invited our friend Michael Ardelean from Intro, a boutique recruiting firm for creatives, to join us. It was a great morning, check out all of the fun things we shared.

August 30, 2019
First Thing Fridays, Vol. 10 w/ Farm Design

For August's edition of FTF, we invited Aaron Atchison and Christine Gonda of Farm Design to join us! Delicious bagels and fresh coffee from Maury's fueled our morning convos. Some of us shared our family heritages, others talked about inspirational books and newfound hobbies. Check out everything the team shared below and join us again next month!

July 26, 2019
First Thing Fridays, Vol. 9 w/ Michael Madrid + Char Gladden

For the July 2019 edition of FTF, we had the pleasure of hosting Michael Madrid (a former developer here at LK) and talented designer, Char Gladden! We shared the things that inspire us over breakfast tacos from Homestate and lots of fresh coffee. Our chat included summer reads, weekend adventures, handmade crafts and Balinese parking tickets. Check out all the stuff our team shared below and join us next time for another fun Friday!

June 7, 2019
First Thing Fridays, Vol. 8 w/ Katie Vonderheide

For this month's edition of FTF, we invited Katie Vonderheide of Beautification Solutions to share creative inspiration over fresh fruit, pastries and coffee! We chatted about cherished books, favorite foods (some even made on the spot), skincare routines, sound design and naturally, Yoko Ono. Check out everything the team shared below and join us next time for more!

September 14, 2018
First Thing Fridays, Vol. 7 w/ Radical Co-op

We invited Mathew and Neil of Radical Co-op to join us for this FTF! We talked about printing, getting to know their process, and they shared some of their work while we ate tacos and drank coffee. Take a look and stay tuned for more! 

June 29, 2018
First Thing Fridays, Vol. 6 w/ Kati Forner and Sarah Lesher

We were pretty busy the last couple of months, so FTF was placed on the backburner for way too long. Luckily, two of our favorite designers and friends, Kati Forner and Sarah Lesher, made the trek out to our studio this week. We talked inspiration and goals while sharing banana bread and loads of coffee. Hope you enjoy!

March 9, 2018
First Thing Fridays, Vol. 5 w/ Jessica Comingore and Emily Belmont

This month we were lucky enough to have two awesome designing women join us for First Thing Fridays! Jessica Comingore of Marbury Co. and Emily Belmont, a freelance designer based out of Long Beach, shared some classes and crafts that they enjoy and also spoke to us about their design process. Take a look!

February 16, 2018
First Thing Fridays, Vol. 4 w/ Nick Misani

For this month's First Thing Friday we invited the incredible NYC-based designer + letterer Nick Misani. Nick was in town doing a couple Art Deco lettering workshops with AIGA LA and was kind enough to share a few of his favorite design mementos with our team.

November 17, 2017
First Thing Fridays, Vol. 3 w/ Presshaus LA

This month we invited letterpress extraordinaire Kristine from Presshaus LA to join us on our Friday adventure. We love working with her on our most fun (and often most complicated) print projects!

October 6, 2017
First Thing Fridays, Vol. 2 w/ Italic Studio

Today we invited Ron and Matt from Italic Studio over for a little show-and-tell and long-overdue catch up with an emphasis on design studio love/war stories. It's comforting to know we share near-identical experiences of clients gone this way, clients gone that way, and in some (very rare) cases, clients gone bye-bye. Hopefully, we will make good on the idea of collaborating on a project together very soon.

September 22, 2017
First Thing Fridays, Vol. 1

Welcome to the debut of the editorializaton of a tradition we've had for years here at LK. It's basically an occasional Friday morning during which we take a break, do a little show-and-tell of things that interest, provoke or inspire us, and eat some really unhealthy morning treats.

Stay tuned, because in the coming issues of FTF we'll be inviting some special guests to sit in and share some of their favorite things.