March 9, 2018
First Thing Fridays, Vol. 5 w/ Jessica Comingore and Emily Belmont | Roxanne Daner
Roxanne Daner
Roxanne from Ludlow Kingsley shares a hidden dinosaur and answers a question about her formative years
Bud's Dinosaur Shadow

You know when you're a kid and you just spend a lot of time in your room just staring at things? Like I would stare at the curtains on the wall and they would crinkle in just the right way to create faces. I could see perfect faces in these curtains. Well, one morning in Toronto, while I was lying in bed with Bud, my 3 year old son, he pointed at the door which was slighty cracked open and said "Mama, see the dinosaur!?" I didn't see it at all at first, but as I looked I could see exactly what he was seeing. So I drew a photo.

First, this is the door just as it.

Roxanne Daner

And this is the dinosaur that Bud saw. 

What about the area you grew up in has the greatest influence on who you are today?

Well, I grew up in New York, right outside of the city. I mean, New York has every influence on me, but I think one of the things that I feel was really important about where I grew up was having the seasons. My school really nurtured the idea of the seasons and how they help you go through the year. For example, in the Fall, you come inside, you open up in the Spring. I couldn't understand when I first moved here how anyone could live without seasons. It didn't seem human, but of course people live in hot climate and it is totally normal. I've gotten used to it, to the endless Summer.

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