October 6, 2017
First Thing Fridays, Vol. 2 w/ Italic Studio | Allison Shoemaker
Allison Shoemaker
Allison from Ludlow Kingsley shares her grandfather's sculpture and answers a question about time
Untitled by W.R. Divoll

I wasn't sure what to bring. It was going to be more Japanese magazines from Kinokuniya, but I picked this up as it was on my bookshelf with all my trinkets. This is a sculpture that my grandfather made. He did a lot of different things — he worked with metal, ceramics, oil painting — and worked with various mediums.

Allison Shoemaker

Growing up, his work was always all over my family home and I would constantly hear about how he was an artist who went to Berkeley for his MFA, which at that time, was fairly uncommon. My grandmother has this hatch of special treasures, and a few years ago when I went to visit her she said I could pick something from the cabinet, and this is what I chose. So this is the one piece I have of his. It’s really special in that way.

Allison Shoemaker

I realized — as it was my birthday yesterday — after seeing this that he was nearly the same age when he made this. I think that when you have birthdays you start to think retrospectively or about the future more, as lots of people ask you what your goals are for the year. It’s interesting because I think about how making art today, mediums have changed so much. Even with design and having this digital element, there’s a whole new realm of creating art. So in 80 years, what is that going to mean for the next generation, in terms of this new work existing? I kept thinking about that and exploring that idea. 

It’s interesting to me how this piece has lived since 1935, but in another 80 or so years, who knows. We are all artists and create things in different ways, but how is our work going to exist then, or will it? How will future generations access it if it’s so common for mediums to become far more digital? I mean, this is just sitting on my bookcase now… 

Solar flare is going to wipe out all our shit! ~Matt

What do you wish you spent more time doing?

Oooh, studying. Studying language. I wish I was spending more time doing that. I always tell myself I’m going to do it when I get home, but it doesn't happen. My ideal time would be just sitting in a coffee shop and studying or doing research on a bunch of different things. I want to get back into Japanese, speak Korean, and then I feel like Chinese would need to be included. You can’t leave that out! I’ll just cover all of East Asia. 


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