September 22, 2017
First Thing Fridays, Vol. 1 | Clark Stiles
Clark Stiles
Clark from Ludlow Kingsley shares the Idiocracy of the day and chooses between Beyonce or Rihanna

Has anybody here seen Idiocracy? Ok, I thought it would be kind of fun to watch this trailer again. This is 500 years from now… 

Anyway, so my First Thing Friday is: I think everybody talks about how it’s becoming Idiocracy, and people say, “oh yeah the movie, it’s right on…,” but that was 500 years from now! And I just had to share some of these headlines from the news this morning.

One of my first headlines I want to share is: dotard. The president of North Korea is calling the president of the United States a mentally deranged dotard, which is actually a word, and it’s become the most searched word today. It means, senile old person — it’s actually right. But it’s like, this guy is calling our guy a dotard. Meanwhile, Trump praises healthcare of Nambia, a nonexistent African country. And I just have to say, this whole 500 years from now sci-fi parody comedy is actually happening 500 years quicker than the moviemakers would have ever predicted. I just thought it was kind of interesting — this sad realization.

Beyonce or Rihanna?

[ LONG PAUSE ] I'd say Rihanna's mmm, what's that one song she sings over and over and over and over on a house beat? Work? Diamonds? Umbrella? We Found Love? 

Oh yeah, yeah yeah that one! Wait, actually no my favorite Rihanna song is Rude Boy! I love Rude Boy. Beyonce, not so much. 

I would say neither. I would never choose to listen to either one of them. Them, as entities, well Beyonce. Sociologically and ethically, then Beyonce, but not music and taste-wise. I like Rihanna's taste better, but I think Beyonce is an outstanding role model and human being. Rihanna should never have gone back to Chris Brown. She did live next door to Roxanne for a while though. 

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